Newborn session

Babies are usually photographed anywhere from 7-14 days. With that being said, it is best to book either during your pregnancy session or as soon as the baby is born. We are sensitive to Mamas recovery and we will work with you to schedule your baby. Ideally it is best to call as soon as the baby is born or if it is a scheduled C Section, you can call ahead.
If you have or are having a boy and plan to circumcise your child, please have the session one week after the operation. We will be swaddling your baby tightly while he is naked, and moving him from one position to another constantly during the session. This is very painful for a child who has just been circumcised. We will NOT photograph a newborn who has been circumcised less than 6 days prior to the session.

Newborn sessions generally take about 2-3 hours. We welcome toddlers, parents and grandparents in any session for no additional charge. The session can go over 3 or under the 2 hours, as we will not rush and allow for plenty of time.

General retouching is provided on all purchased images. We suggest using oil/lotion on baby’s skin in the morning after a bath to keep everything soft and smooth. As babies grow, acne and peeling skin will occur. You do not need to worry, as we can really remove anything. Same goes with Mummy, you will still look beautiful with your newborn.

All materials, wraps, blankets and clothing are washed using baby detergents and are always kept clean. The staff is not permitted to work when sick, and everyone involved takes the utmost care to clean their hands and be as gentle as possible with newborns. You are also welcome to bring anything from your home.
When we go to your home, you can request any of the props, blankets or accessories in advance. In addition, if you have special requests just let us know and we can usually accommodate you as long as it is safe for the baby.
We take baby safety and care very seriously. You can trust that we will provide all measures to keep your babies in a clean and safe environment.

Clothing for parents and siblings is best when it is nice and simple, and free of patterns or stripes. It is best to wear colors that will look great when the artwork is displayed in the home. Light or dark colors, work equally well. Little ones are best kept bare feet and dresses/tutus are available for little girls. For boys, simple jeans and solid shirts are recommended.